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Food and Product Photography


Per Recipe Rate:

Food Photography Packages:

  • Basic Background: $100 per dish (1 final image). Ideal for web and catalog use.

  • Styled Lifestyle Shots: $150 per dish (1 final image). Perfect for brand building and content creation.

Each dish takes approximately 1 hour to photograph.

What You Get:

  • Professional lighting equipment set up at your restaurant, kitchen or home.

  • High-quality studio-style photography of your food and menu items.

  • Clean, seamless white background images for easy web design or beautifully styled on your tables and surfaces.

  • Surfaces include slate, white wooden flooring, and textured fabrics.

  • High-resolution .jpg images delivered via WeTransfer or Google Drive after the photo session.

  • Limited copyright transfer to you with the photographer retaining the right to use images for self-promotion purposes.

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